I’ve been busy all year. I’ve moved to another company and moved to a new apartment. I also have a “somebody” now whom I appreciate….
I miss LIFE!
I miss the beaches.
i miss drinking gin tubig with my Sagada friends.
I miss shopping! (oh yeah!)
I miss being a one day millionaire!
I miss eating-out to fine restos.
I miss pigging-out with my friend.
I miss dancing wildly (not sexual ha).
I miss laughing so loud with my mouth open wide ;)
I miss travelling.
I miss getting lost.
I miss Sagada.
I miss my friends, close friends, my classmates or even my ex.haha Nah I’m just kidding with the last part :)
I’m wondering when do I get my life back?

2009 is not a bad year for me. Although lots of mishaps happened to me, I’m still grateful for it.

This year is colorful…I’ve got to travel and I met new friends, lots of friends who tied the knot, celebrities who died, typhoon that rocked the country, and a credit that haunts me (well that’s for sure :)).

So to recap all of this…here it goes:


Been to the Hundred Islands for the 2nd time. They say that what you do on the first month (?) of the year…you’ll be doing it for the rest of the year. Let’s find out if that is true…

Went to Clark for our quarterly inventory. It’s different this time. Truly Pampanga is the Culinary Capital of the Phils. There was never an ordinary dish we tasted from all the food trippings we did.


A collegue got married in their hometown in Pampanga.

Then we went to Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark, but we we’re too late…we settled for fake balloons and watched Rivermaya’s concert instead.


Heaven & Eggs craze! There was a cute waiter there.haha

Beautiful sunset tops all at Tablas, Romblon.


Thought was in love.

Coron the second time around! Met new friends too.


A church family camp was held at Laguna.Of course, I went.


A friend’s dad passed. I treated him like he’s my dad too.



After a year, my mum arrived from Australia.

Spent the Independence day with my family at Tagaytay.


Went to Sagada with the storm brewing up. Got stucked in 3 landslides and walked/trekked just to go to Sagada. Tsk. Tsk. That’s what love can do. LOL!

 Went to Boracay the fifth time around. With my mum and dad, and uncles and aunties from Australia.

Did some water sports and ATV, which I’ve been dreamingof doing.


Celebrated my “last year in the calendar” birthday in Pangasinan with my family. It was a blast! Then did some ice-skating with my friends when I arrived.

A friend’s head is kind of eye-ing me thru my FS account. I’m flattered, but I’m inlurve (or thought I was!) with someone else.

A collegue died at Boracay while taking a vacation. We we’re devastated, although I’m not that close to him…I felt like Boracay (my fave beach!) was tarnished in my eyes.

Went to Cebu to try the Edge Coaster and Skywalk…

Then Davao for their white water rafting and zipline and to scuba dive.

Sagada again. My 8th time. I went alone. This is the time when I fallen out of love to him.



The friends department head (or let’s call him Hubz) designed me a shirt. “I love my goodchie” or something like that. He actually designed one some months ago, but it was like abstract so the I love thingy was kind of hidden.

Typhoon Ondoy leave the Metro not only homeless people, but garbage that even 30 garbage trucks cannot carry. 



Spent my Nov 1 & 2 Holiday at Pangasinan. We visited my lolo’s “puntod.” I missed him so much.

I found my LOVE!!!

I’m so happy, although the courtship process(?) was very brief it doesn’t stop us from what we really feel.

This time it’s real (hopefully.haha)!


It’s been a month…Hubz and I made it thru our first month.LOL! Of course, problems do occur, we had some petty fights and a huge make-up (*wink*wink) afterwards :) LOL!

A collegue got married! I arrived super late and attended the reception in one of the hotels in Makati.

My younger brother’s wedding. Yeah I know…he got married before I do. I don’t care anyways.

The wedding is simple and romantic. And lots of violet!!!! I mean I know the motiff is plum,but do the guests have to wear plum too?

Moving on…

Finally the last wedding that I attended for this month is a former collegue of mine. In which I was one of the bridesmaid.

It was held at Occidental Mindoro. This was my 2nd time at her hometown.

After the wedding (literally!), we went to Sablayan (the groom’s hometown), which is btw was my 3rd time.

The morning after the wedding day, we went to Pandan Island for some bonding and a little R&R mode. I guess.

Spent my christmas at home with parents. I’m sick that time so it was really “spent my christmas in my deathbed.”LOL!

Spent my pre new year at my Grandma’s house in Pangasinan. It was a family gathering yet again. As usual, it was fun!


So that’s it for now…my 2009 recap. Full of tears, laughter, travel, new friends and of course, LOVE! Awww!

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.




Since it is a tradition for me to write my wish lists and resolutions (although I haven’t had one last year), I would like to continue this tradition (? haha).

It’s free to dream right? LOL ;)

1) Canon G10 or G11

I’ve been lusting for this camera since I saw it hanging from a travel host this year. Finally, I saw it in one of the stores here in Makati and I almost drooled over it (literally).

I was looking for a DSLR type of cam, but not as heavy like I have. I know I’m more of a Nikon fan, but I can’t find Nikon P&S cam with DSLR quality…or I’m just not simply aware of it.hehehe

My original “like” is the G10, but since G11 is a newer version I would like to have it…neither would be ok for me.

Here’s the link for the product comparison:

http://www.canon.com.ph/compare/product/?type=Digital Cameras&cat=1&p1=1201&p2=149&p3=0&lang=EN

I can’t understand it anyways so I’ll just leave it like that for the mean time.hehehe


Panasonic GF1 – is another “I like”to have this christmas. The same with Canon G10 & G11…I’ve read somewhere that it have a DSLR quality, but light as P&S cam. Heaven!

2) Esprit Juicy Watch

I was mall-ing last week and saw the new realease of esprit watches. This one caught my attention. But I like it in white. It’s more elegant…since I’m a sport watch person this one will be totally new look for me.

3) Rayban Cockpit

I was looking for a Rayban Aviator Shades, but when I saw this babies…woh! And the best part is it fit me to the T. I mean, I looked cooler wearing this than the aviator.hehe

So there! Of course, lots of shoes and bags.hehe

That’s it for now…oh! and I want 2 days break or vacation. Just me and the mountain or the beach will do. ;) 

I’m always out of town for me to realize that I don’t have to go far for me to experience awesome sunsets.

Yesterday, I was with someone special and look what we have in view…


Awesome, right?



There are trash everywhere the shore, but who cares. As long as it doesn’t stink that time ;)


The hues of pink, red and blue during sunset makes it more romantic.


With that in view…who wouldn’t say “I LOVE YOU, TOO” for those who asked?haha 


White water rafting CDO style

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Camiguin Island

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DSC_2601Boracay Island

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The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.

~G.K. Chesterton

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